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Lakenheath´s Strike Eagles

The 48th FW is home-based at the largest US Air Force Base in the United Kingdom. 4,600 active soldiers and 900 civilians from the UK are working and caring for 50 F-15E Strike Eagles...


Keeping the Tradition Alive

As the dog days of summer come to an end in the southwestern U.S., the Arizona skies behold a flurry of activity. Aircraft owners and pilots come out of their summer slumber, or as...


The Last Tomcat Cruise

The Atlantic Ocean, near the coast of Florida. One loud “bang” and the C-2A Greyhound catches one of the cables to land on the aircraft carrier “Theodore Roosevelt”. We leave the plane, a dream...


Ken Middleton’s Scale Modeling

Aviation photography is a passion of mine, particularly military aviation. So, coupled with that, I also build plastic scale model kits of aircraft. As a kid, I built World War 2 planes, tanks and...