2015 Copperstate Fly-In Review


Photos and Article by Dale Moody

Recap of the Copperstate Fly-In from 24 October, 2015

A milestone for me was marked in 2015 by my 50th year of attending the EAA Fly-In Convention at Oshkosh, WI, now called AirVenture. (My first time was when it was held at Rockford, IL.) With this in mind, it could be argued that I would describe the recent Copperstate Fly-In in relative terms, but that wouldn’t be fair. The Copperstate Fly-In at Casa Grande was very organized, while still maintaining a relaxed atmosphere of like-minded attendees, unlike AirVenture in some respects.

I have so far been unable to learn any official figures on both the number of aircraft and/or spectators over the three day fly-in. I’ve been told by fly-in officials that the number of spectators Thursday and Friday may have been slightly lighter than 2014 while Saturday’s paid attendance was estimated to be at least on par with last year’s results of just over 7,000. I was also told that the number of aircraft on the ramp in 2014 was about 525, and my gut feel was for at least that many this year. The accompanying car show was expanded considerably this year.

Having attended the Copperstate Fly-In every year for the past ten or twelve years, I feel safe in saying this year’s event was perhaps the best ever in the number and variety of aircraft—from homebuilts to warbirds and everything in between.

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