A Look Back… Scott Jankowski’s 2016 in Review

IMG_2737 (1000x505)A Look Back…..
By Scott Jankowski
As we prepare to welcome 2017 and bid farewell to 2016, I stop to look back on what a year 2016 truly was. It was another spectacular year of time spent at airshows and airports that produced thousands of noteworthy and spectacular images. It is the time of year I like to spend looking back at all of the images that may have been forgotten about at the time.

Three Major Airshows attended in 2016 including The Spirit of St. Louis Airshow, Thunder Over Michigan, and the Annual Pilgrimage up to AirVenture. It was a week at Miami International Airport in March, and countless days at Chicago O’Hare and General Mitchell International Airport photographing arriving and departing traffic. We all have our definition of what goes into a “favorite” photo. It could be the angle, the rarity of the type, the background, vapor, lit beacons we all have our reasons. I have included some of my favorite images from 2016.

“A picture is worth a thousand words” The accompanying photographs, taken throughout the year and in varying locations and conditions each tells a story. It could be the raw power of Air Combat Command’s Viper Demo Team’s F-16C in a vertical climb on takeoff. It could be the Lufthansa Cargo MD-11F arriving into a foggy and rainy Chicago O’Hare from Frankfurt. It could be the Air France A380 “Super” pushed back on a Warm Winter Evening at Miami International Airport beginning it’s journey back to Charles De Gaulle International Airport. I will let the images take the stories from here.

2016 was a great year, 2017 will be as good if not better! Until next time, Blue Skies to All!


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