Author: Dave Budd


Reno Air Race Strega Poster

With the race quickly approaching I wanted to turn my attention to doing some art work that I always thought was cool. Aircraft caricature is not what I’m use to doing….so I started with...

Scratch POF 2016 logo billboard3

Planes of Fame Airshow 2016

Planes of Fame Air Museum is proud to present Planes of Fame Airshow 2016, April 29 – May 1: commemorating the 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor.  This year’s airshow will feature nearly 50 historic...


Death of a Mig Killer

Reatil 21 was a flight of three F-4d’s that took off from Nellis AFB on 28 August, 1979. The three ship formation was on a training mission doing Air Combat Maneuverings.   The 435th...


The Hunt For SR-71 61-7965

Joe Kates and I have become Associate Members of the Roadrunnersinternationale recently. They are a group of men and women who either worked at “The Ranch” or are in some way  connected to the...


The Legacy of a Legend,The Trip of a Lifetime

A few weeks ago..Amelia Rose Earhart  recreated and symbolically completed her namesake’s famous around the world flight. Veteran Television and Radio reporter, Amelia Rose Earhart, completed an amazing journey around the world, in her...

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