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Looking Over The Edge

by Keith “Rosey” Rosenkranz Aviators who’ve been to “the edge of the envelope” definitely know the name “Chuck Yeager.” On Oct. 14, 1947, the legendary test pilot became the first person to fly supersonic,...

Joe T


FAREWELL FLIGHT by Capt. William R. Tymczyszyn I hoped we’d fly together again someday, but I didn’t know just when. Then a sense of something special came over me, as I released the brakes...

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It’s All About Timing

We all know about it, waiting for the best Sun angle, waiting for the Pushback to disconnect, Wing Walkers out of the shot, and click. That is how my journey begins with Photorecon.Net. It...



by William B.Scott At the dawn of the jet age, a small group of test pilots, engineers, technicians and maintenance troops secretly evaluated the Bell XP-59A, America’s first military jet, at the remote Materiel...

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