Beau Goff

For Beau Goff it started early. Really early. He was taken to an airshow by his parents at the age of four at Nellis Air Force base and apparently the Thunderbirds made quite the impression. Beau was hooked on aircraft. Very hooked. Though no one in his family are pilots, he quickly immersed himself in all things aeronautical, from piloting skills to design and construction.

During the young years that followed that first airshow, his parents were constantly the victim on tireless begging whenever the next aviation event was announced. Model aircraft became the preferred Christmas present and toy. Given a natural ability for drafting, the first picture he ever drew was that of an aircraft. During the school years, while most kids were learning about pop rock bands and football plays, Beau had the encyclopedia in his desk, with the aircraft and aeronautics sections bookmarked. By the end of the year, those sections were nearly memorized.

As the years progressed it became evident that his love of aircraft combined well with his passion for WWII history. Rattling off engine and performance specs in front of friends or anyone willing to listen became a regular occurrence. Even knowing the lineage of an aircraft design became a concern. With each passing year, his passion for aircraft deepens and broadens. He is especially conscientious of vintage warbirds and the men who flew them. For Beau, nothing compares to listening to a veteran speak of his exploits or to be on hand to hear and watch a vintage aircraft start her engine, taxi to the runway and take flight for the first time after a restoration. One of his favorite places to be in on the flight line at an air show or museum, in the fading light, after all the crowds have gone home, sitting quietly in front of the aircraft. He will tell you that if you listen close enough, and know what to listen for, a warbird will speak to you and tell you her story.

It was this over enthusiastic listening that led him to meet Joe Kates in Sky Harbor Airport before a flight to Reno for the 2011 National Championship Air Races. Mr. Kates was concluding a phone call and happened to mention the word “Corsair”. Oops. A question about his destination led to an entire flight long conversation about aviation photography and whether or not Beau really knew how to use the Canon EOS10D he was bringing with him. Impressive on Mr. Kates part in that on most flights Beau would rather watch the wings and control surfaces than talk to all but the prettiest of flight attendants. With a few pointers from Joe, the photography level Beau began to achieve increased dramatically and he was once again hooked. Having found a new way to focus his passion of aviation beyond construction and soaking up specifications, Beau now captures the aircraft and their stories, and attempts to relate them in in a way anyone will understand.

In the future Beau hopes to earn a pilots license and own his own aircraft. He has founded Phoenix Aviation Photography as a conduit for his work and stories. Beau is extremely happy to be a contributor to Photorecon and looks forward to capturing and telling the stories of all types of aircraft and aviation.


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