Betsy Murphy

betsyprofileI have always been fascinated with airplanes…could watch them take-off and land for hours on end and it never lose it’s wonder’s lust. Couple that with my love of history and a Classic Warbird photographer is born.

I am a student pilot, proving you are never too old to achieve your childhood dream. I photograph all things classic…WWII pin-ups, classic aircraft, as well as classic cars. With an endless supply of vintage clothing, I strive to have my photos to be as authentic as possible. You may visit my website at

I use the Canon 5D and a variety of lenses to suit the location. My work has allowed me to be featured in local newspapers and was published in the Hot Rod car magazine RebelRodz.

I am a member of International Society of Aviation Photographers. Photography is actually my second, concurrent career as I am also a full-time Registered Nurse. I believe it is that background that directs me to more of the human side of aviation…the pilot, and the family left behind. It was the nose art of the day that inspired me to do the pin-up photography and that is my passion. I would welcome photographers to join me in a pin-up photo shoot if they would interested, just contact me through my website.

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