Jim “Hazy” Haseltine


Jim "Hazy" Haseltine - Don't Let the Call Sign Fool You! - Photorecon.net

Jim “Hazy” Haseltine has captured many of the world’s most stunning air to air photos of military aircraft. A lot of planning and technical expertise go into his finished products that you’ll see here at Photorecon.net, in his “Hazy’s Friday Photo of the Week” feature that we’re rolling out today. Every week, another one of Jim’s favorites will appear on the front page of our digital aviation magazine. Links will be provided for you to see his HIGH-G Productions web site, and even purchase one of his calendars, filled with even more of his aerial artistry. Here’s a multi-part series about how Hazy got into the business, what his preferred equipment is, and what it takes to produce his world-class images.

Jim has been immersed in aviation, especially military aviation, since he was born in Houston Texas. His father, who was a twenty-five year Air Force veteran, was stationed at the Johnson Space Center in that city. Soon, Jim was on the move, as his father was reassigned around the world. As he says, Jim Haseltine “was born into the Air Force Blue”. He remembers going to all of the bases’ air shows as a kid, where he developed a certain skill for getting up close to the action. At some bases, he’d befriend the son of an Operations Group Commander, and after a bit of time, they’d be driving around the tarmac to see an aircraft launch, or to view a brand new aircraft type. Jim was definitely bitten by the aviation bug, and was plane crazy!

The first camera he remembers using was his Mom’s 110 film up through high school. He also bought a Kodak Disc camera and had some success concealing it and taking some memorably close concert photos of some famous performers like Eddie Van Halen. Getting results from being that close to the action became a priority, and he learned that success followed each time that the subject was near – it didn’t matter whether it was a performer or an airplane.

 Jim uses Cannon equipment, and has for all but a short time during his career.

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