MCAS YUMA AirShow 2010

Photorecon was invited by Dr. Brian Cullen to attend the 2010 MCAS Yuma Airshow. Dr. Cullen is an active aviator and a member of the Yuma Airport Authority.We had front row seats in the VIP area for the show, lots of great food and drink along with  an unobstructed view of the event.  The military and civilian static displays were great,  MCAS Yuma Airshow is always a crowd- pleaser. The show kicked off with a flight of  4 Stearman Biplanes, followed by a very early  USAF ACC  F-16 & F-4 Heritage Flight. The Heritage flight was flown early ,due to the fact that  the F-4 had to make it’s way to Riverside, CA  for another show. The  Heritage flight was followed by the USMC SAR Demo using a cool retro colored HH-1N . MCAS YUMA 2010 Indy Boy’s School Time™ Jet-Powered School Bus is the first of its kind in the world. At nearly 10 feet high and 35 long, it is the largest jet vehicle on Earth.The bus is equipped with a 42,000 horsepower General Electric J-79 Jet Engine straight out of a F4 Phantom. One cool vehicle was the Port-o-Jet™ Outhouse is a standard size model porta-john with one minor modification-a 1,000 horsepower jet engine! Anouncer  Frank Kingston Smith kept the event moving with his 34 years  of announcing expertise. The Marines performed an  Air-To-Air Refueling Demo  with the C130J and  AV_8B  Harrier .The  AV-8B Harrier  also performed a solo demo  for the home town crowd.Even the locals who see them flying out of MCAS Yuma every day were in awe at the precision of the display. The  Yuma Aeromodelers Club Performed  for the crowd with a  very convincing RC aircraft Demo, that from a distance looked like the real thing.

Maj. David Graham  in the Viper West  F-16 shook things up with the high speed part of the show, this is always a great performance with lots of vapor coming off the wings of the F-16.
Race pilot Spencer Suderman flying his “Meteor” Pitts S-2B along with, 2009 champion Bill Cornick flyin the Pitts S-2C “Big Bad Green” in Arizona’s first-ever Aerobatic Racing Challenge. ARC. Gregory “Wired” Colyer”Ace Maker” Airshows in his super clean T-33 shooting star,was  flawless . Then attention focused on Kent Pietsch in his 1942 interstate Cadet.  a comedy act in which an aileron falls off the airplane along with other parts.For the next act Kent has added a runway to the top of his RV and lands on it during his RV Top Landing show. He did it on the second attempts due to some high winds. The Patriots Jet team closed out the show as only they can do with the Red,white and Blue  smoke saluting all the Personnel and Visitors of MCAS Yuma 2010.

 Thanks  again to all the Staff  of MCAS Yuma and Dr. Brian Cullen for making this one great.

Joe Kates

Joe Kates is the founder of Photorecon. Joe has been into aviation since he was a child and has a incredible amount of knowledge to do with planes or aviation in general. Today Joe is the owner and Managing Editor of Photorecon.

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