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Veterans Day 2014

Among those who live in the United States of America exists a vast diversity within the population. Often referred to as the “melting pot” of the world, one would be hard pressed to discover...


Who is nearer the edge ?

For a few years I’ve asked myself, who has the toughest, but also the coolest job? Members of the extreme motorsport (Formula 1, DTM and MotoGP and NASCAR) or jet pilots? In the end, all...


Jon Melby At Thermal

Jon Melby flying his Pitts S1-11B during the 2014 Jacqueline Cochran Air Show. Special thanks to Jon for allowing us to add cameras to his aircraft. Enjoy!


Wings of Freedom

We never forget how lucky we are to be able to work with amazing pilots who fly amazing and historic aircraft. The footage you are about to see came from one of the pilots...


NAS Oceana Air Show 2014

With no military air shows last year, fans were anxiously awaiting 2014. Absence seems to make the heart grow fonder. NAS Oceana, VA is not just a weekend air show but rather a week-long...

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Miramar Air Show 2014

MCAS Miramar Air Show “Celebrating the Marine Air-Ground Task Force” Southern California’s largest free event was back this year at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, Ca. from October 3-5. After a one year hiatus,...


Death of a Mig Killer

Reatil 21 was a flight of three F-4d’s that took off from Nellis AFB on 28 August, 1979. The three ship formation was on a training mission doing Air Combat Maneuverings.   The 435th...

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