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Air New Zealand Unveils “Hobbit” Plane

Air New Zealand – the airline of Middle Earth – has unveiled a Boeing 777-300ER “Hobbit Plane” which will perform standard revenue service while doubling as a flying billboard for the new movie The...


American Heroes Airshow – Los Angeles

The American Heroes Airshow is a fly-in at seven locations across the country of helicopters flown by what some would consider American heroes, as it happens to be.  The helicopters are those that are...


Apple Valley Airshow 2012

The Morning Line Up The Apple Valley airshow calls KAPV in the high desert of Southern California home.  A small airport near Victorville falls under the jurisdiction of the San Bernardino County Department of...


El Centro Photocall October 2012

There are few times in photography when the responsible thing to do is accept an invitation, then go about trying to get the day off from a paying job. The El Centro photocall is...


Two Days, Two Candidates in New Hampshire

Election time in the U.S. is the perfect time to capitalize on aviation’s unique capability to transport someone rapidly over long distances. This year, the two most visible presidential candidates used air travel to...