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Sun n Fun 2011

Last year, the EAA show at Oshkosh was became known as “Sloshkosh” after some significant rainstorms.   Well, this year Sun n Fun bested it by a few orders of magnitude.  I’ve been going to...


Tornado at Sun n Fun 2011

Sun n Fun this year had some unusually bad weather.  It was rare event, but people had some problems getting past weather to get to the show.  Thus we were short some acts for...


Valiant Air Command Airshow 2011

The Valiant Air Command hosts an annual airshow in Titusville Florida each spring.  In the past (20 years ago) it was one of the 3 or 4 top airshows in the country.   It’s still...


Vapor Spectacular!!!!!!!!!!!

Whether you call it vapor, a contrail, condensation, or one of a number of other descriptions, the whitish mist that trails an aircraft is definitely an attention grabber.  What causes it?  Depending what you...

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