Peter Boschert

Peter Boschert – from my earliest days,speed has always been my thing, weather in the air or on the ground, it has to be fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I live in Germany/Europe and travel the world, I spend a lot of my time on the North American continent. During the Tomcat days, NAS Oceana was my home base, today my North American home base is  Nellis AFB, Nevada, With RAF Lakenheath being my favorite Base on my side of the world. I have many  military flying hours logged in my books, having made flights in the F-111F, F-15D/E, FA-18B, RF-4E, C-2A, KC-135, H-60 and MV-22B, in addition to  carrier landings on all carriers of the Nimitz-class and on the world’s first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier the USS Enterprise,  I have enjoyed some great opportunities.

My goal is to provide unique spectacular photos and detailed reports from my travels, as I report on the exciting world of military aviation from  around the world.



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