Pieter Stroobach

I was bitten by the aviation bug in 1982 when the preparations started to commemorated the results of the London – Melbourne race 50th years earlier. Results of Douglas DC-2 “Uiver” PH-AJU in that race were of a magnitude that even after half a century some papers in the Netherlands spent months on reporting the preparations and the repeat flight with an actual DC-2.

Since then I started a hobby which took me on a journey which so far has brought me on four continents and too many nations to remember to see and photograph mainly military aircraft. On the always asked question ”Why?” The answer is: “There is no why, there are no rules, only fun!”

I reside in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. My main daytime job is in photonics. Since a short time you can follow me on twitter @cosmospotter.


Up close and personal with a Sri Lankan Shengdu F-7BS, mildly overheated…..

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