Robert P. McAuley – Contributing Art Editor

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Robert McAuley now resides in Long Beach, N.Y. He worked in New York City as an Art Director for 3 different magazines one of which was Aviation Week & Space Technology magazine. It was there that he started to write and has just finished his 18th book plus a children’s coloring book.



While attending Manhattan High School of Aviation Trades I developed a love for aviation, which I carried over to the USAF Air National Guard. At the New York McGraw-Hill offices I became art director for Aviation Week & Space Technology magazine and have penned a few articles and stories for them. It was there that I started to work on Sky Ship.

Sky Ship is an action adventure on the greatest airship ever created: a state-of-the-art, aircraft carrier-sized zeppelin. On its maiden voyage from its home base in Florida, taking high-rolling passengers on a majestic, low-altitude tour of the South American coast she runs into trouble. Among the passengers is a team of terrorists led by Col. Abdul Aziz of the militant Republic of Irajh. His mission: to take control of the airship and use it to attack a meeting of OPEC taking place in Florida. Security Officer Dan McKee and his wife are the only two aboard that are in the position to stop them.

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