Simsbury’s 31st Annual Fly-In


Simsbury Delivers Easy Going, Early Autumn Fly-In

Photos by Scott Zeno and Alice Leong

The Simsbury Flying Club, plus a host of other local organizations, held their 31st annual Fly-In at central Connecticut’s Simsbury Airport on September 25, 2016. Now that there’s snow on the ground there, it seems to be a good time to warm ourselves up for next year’s event by looking at 2016’s brilliant sunshine, blue skies, and sparkling aircraft in a short pictorial of the event. The Fly-In isn’t the largest in the U.S. by any means, but it might vie to be one of the most public-friendly events in the country. Billed as the largest fly-in within New England, it shares the airport’s grounds with a vibrant auto show and small town fair too.

Although a short flying program closed the airport to arrivals and departures around midday, much of the aviation action centered on the runway. Scores of fixed- and rotary-winged aircraft flocked to the event this year, which was blessed with great VFR flying conditions. Included were antiques and classics, a handful of warbirds, homebuilts, and production aircraft old and new. It was good to see the influx of General Aviation aircraft in the area, proving that there is still a vibrant interest in flying in the Northeast.

Spectators were able to get up close and personal with the parked airplanes, and got much closer to the active runway than one would be at any busy metropolitan airport. Takeoffs and landings occurred immediately in front of the viewing area; youngsters and oldsters alike were drawn to the action throughout the day.

During the flying portion of the day’s program, the 2-ship Yankee Clippers performed formation maneuvers, a Cessna snatched a banner right in front of the crowd, and RC aircraft offered a diverse view of aerial activity. AN AT-6 Texan was on hand throughout the day for paying passengers to be thrilled with a flight in an authentic World War II trainer. And, seminars, question-and-answer sessions, and new airplanes for sale kept pilots and would-be-aviators busy.

Here’s a short primer of just some of the types that attended the Fly-in, as well as a generalized slide show of many more. Even though Simsbury Connecticut is in the depths of winter right now, plans are already in place for the 2017 Fly-In, to be held on (a hopefully balmy) September 17th!



Champion 7AC
Champion 7AC

Aeronca L-3B

2016_Simsbury_Fly-in_8992 Schweizer 269C-1
Schweizer 269C-1

2016_Simsbury_Fly-in_7735 c-177B
Cessna C-177B Cardinal

2016_Simsbury_Fly-in_5873 C-170B
Cessna C-170B

2016_Simsbury_Fly-in_5325 AT-6A
North American AT-6A

2016_Simsbury_Fly-in_5888 c140
Cessna C-140

2016_Simsbury_Fly-in_5935 American Champion Aircraft 8GCBC
American Champion Aircraft 8GCBC

2016_Simsbury_Fly-in_5924 Piper J-5A
Piper J-5A

2016_Simsbury_Fly-in_5918 PT-23A
Fairchild PT-23A

2016_Simsbury_Fly-in_5716 st-108-3
Stinson 108-3

2016_Simsbury_Fly-in_5705 Ficher FP 404
Fisher FP 404

2016_Simsbury_Fly-in_5687 Robinson R44 II
Robinson R44 Clipper II

2016_Simsbury_Fly-in_5437 ACRO SPORT 2
Acro Sport II

2016_Simsbury_Fly-in_5162 se3130 alouette 2
Sud SE3130 Alouette II

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