Stephanie Othersen

My story begins when a friend of mine did two things:  He shared with me a video of aerobatic pilot, Rob Holland’s “2011 In Review” and he took me to EAA- AirVenture 2012!!!  I’m pretty sure when both of those things happened, he had no clue what I would make of it all!!!  I am a photographer, but I’m also an artist.  Like most aviation photographers, I love being out on that runway and up in the air!!!  One day, I’m hoping there is a pilots license in my future.

I began this new adventure in the summer of 2013 on the runway of Kokomo Municipal Airport (OKK) located in the middle of nowhere, Kokomo, Indiana… being out there with the other photographers and surprised that air show coordinator, Pamela Wild, and air boss, Steve Stants gave little old me a chance, I wasn’t about to let them down!!!  I’ve been shooting with them ever since.  I also found myself shooting for EAA Chapter 2 (Smith Field, Fort Wayne) and VAA-37 out of DeKalb County Airport in Auburn, Indiana.  One short year later, I was invited to become the photographer, sharing the title of “co-chairman”, for the Vintage Aircraft Association up in Oshkosh during EAA’s AirVenture.

Being able to write for “PhotoRecon” is giving me a chance to be able to do the two things I love: share my stories and my photography with all of you!!!  I hope that through both of my loves, you’ll be able to see yourself out there and up there with me!!!

Your story is just beginning… where will it take YOU???




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