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WTI 15-1

As the sun rises over the Sonoran desert to the east, the U.S. Marines at Marine Corps Air Station Yuma, Arizona, are already at work, getting their aircraft ready for another day of the...


Teaching and Keeping the Edge

While nothing can match actual aerial combat, or even just normal flight time for a Marine fighter pilot, modern technology can lend a helping hand in keeping these Marines trained and ready for any...


Strange Bed Fellows

After the Cold War ended, The World took a left turn and was twisted into an atmosphere of pure weirdness. Old foes became friends, the Soviet Union broke up into at least a dozen...


Marines Training In The Old West.

 While  it may resemble Brawley, CA, it’s actually is the country of “Black”, and  in one of the smaller towns, there is an insurgent leader who Intelligence has found out, is holed up in...

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