Tim Cone Brings Breast Cancer Awareness to Reno

Tim Cone, a newbie this year at the Reno National Air Races, flying his home-built RV-8 in the Sports Class.  The Lycoming 0360 engine powered his white and pink plane to its qualifying speed of 218.153.

Tim, a 43 year old corporate pilot for Harris Ranch, flying a Pilatus PC-12, from Fresno, California, stated the bulk of his flying career has been with jets.  Tim had 25 years of flying experience to call upon as he navigated around the familiar red and white checkered pylons.   The first pilot in his family, Tim’s love of flying came as a result of being raised in an Air Force home.

Tim speaks fondly of his plane named “Claribelle” that took nine months to build or 1800 man hours.  It has a unique paint scheme of white and pink in honor of his grandmother and aunt that had experienced breast cancer.  It was the Pink Ribbon for Breast Cancer Awareness displayed proudly on the sides of the plane that caught my attention.  As someone who is dealing with breast cancer for the second time myself, I applaud his efforts and wanted to know more about him and his special plane.

For you football fans, you will want to be sure to tune in October 7, 2012 to the NFL televised game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Baltimore Ravens.  Bob Mills, another pilot in the Sports Class who‘s wife is currently dealing with the disease and Tim will be joining the flying group KC Flight for a fly-over as part of the NFL’s Breast Cancer Awareness tribute. During the tribute fly-over, a total of 19 airplanes, flying in formation, will paint the sky pink when it’s time for ‘smoke on”.   I, for one, think that will be an amazing sight to see.

I realize that it is the stats and technical information that many men want to know about the planes and their owners.  However, Tim has brought attention to a subject that is just as important.  It means a great deal to those of us dealing with breast cancer to have our men showing support for us.

Tim made an impressive showing and demonstrated his competitive spirit for his first attempt.   I’m sure that we will see Tim and ‘Claribelle” again at the 2013 Reno National Air Races. Although Tim didn’t get to take home the winner’s trophy this year’s Air Race, I believe he is already a winner!  It is because of his help in bringing attention to Breast Cancer that many other women will be winners as well.

Thanks Tim!

Story by Betsy Murphy

Dave Budd

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