Tribute to Nazzi Harani and P-51 SUSU


I did not know the man..but Joe Kates did. He had met Nazzi at the Luke show a few years back and Joe was instantly taken with Su Su. Joe told me the story on how he was trying to take a picture of the Mustang but was having difficulties getting a clean shot because of the ropes. Nazzi came over and helped Joe and asked him inside the ropes so he could better his shot. After wards Joe talked with Nazzi about the plane and when he asked for more information Nazzi volunteered to walk to his car and retrieve a pamphlet describing SU SU. Afterwards Joe had a truer understanding of the man. Nazzi told Joe that he felt like he was only the ‘Caretaker’ of the plane and that the day it would come that he would have to part with SU SU and that is why he felt like he did not own the Aircraft. That is true. People age, change and come and go…but the aircraft always stay the same.

God Bless Nazzi!!


SU SU CABLE 01092010

CHANDLER, AZ — One person has apparently been killed in a plane crash at a Chandler airport.

The crash happened around 1:20 p.m. at Stellar Airpark, near Chandler Boulevard and McClintock Drive.

According to Chandler Fire Department spokesperson Paul Nies, one person died at the scene. It’s unclear if that victim was the pilot or if there are any other injuries.

Nies said the aircraft involved is a P51 Mustang. That’s a single engine, World War II-era plane.

Witnesses tell ABC15 they saw the plane hit a brick retaining wall, then flip and crash into a hangar at the airport.

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