Ulrich Seibicke

Ulrich Seibicke from Berlin, Germany

I grew up in one of the low flying areas in western Germany. This infected me and I spent numerous afternoons on the roof of our house to watch the different planes.

As a teen, I obtained my first camera and begun to take pictures (yes, from the roof of our house). I began to visit airshows in Germany and started to visit military bases in the late eighties.

Work brought me from southern Germany to Berlin in the beginning of the century and there hasn’t changed much since then. With the better opportunities (cheap flights, better camera equipment) further travels were started and nowadays I visit with friends shows and exercises all over Europe. We often drive to the eastern European countries and after 25 years, I’m still amazed and got a lump in my throat when I watch a demonstration of a Su-22 or MiG-29 in Poland, Hungary or the Czech Republic.

When the weather in Europe become bad, I travel to warmer climates in Nevada, Arizona and California. With the digital photography, more and more opportunities arouse like night shooting or taking pictures in bad weather which offer opportunities which one hadn’t think of decades ago.

I look forward to contributing to Photorecon.



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