199th Fighter Squadron / Hawaii Air National Guard F-22 Raptors Joint Base Pearl Harbor – Hickham / Daniel Inouye Honolulu International Airport Honolulu, HI


On 20 October 2021, I had the great privilege of getting up close to a launch of 8 Hawaii Air National Guard F-22 Raptors, using the infamous runway 8, better known as Reef Runway. The 12,000 foot runway was built in 1977 and was an alternate landing site for the Space Shuttle. Because of the distance of the runway to the base, the last chance checks are done in chocks under the shelters by the maintenance personnel, and not at the end of the runway. This caught me a bit by surprise as they almost start taking off immediately upon arriving at the end.


The unit was also night flying that week, and I have included the only salvageable shot I got on 19 October 2021. Here, you can see my previous article on the 199th FS F-22 Raptors with some history.


I have included some photos of the 199th/19th FS areas and hallway in the 154th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron area, that depicts the crew chiefs’ wall.


Interestingly, about only half of the pilots on take off used afterburner. I asked why, and was told some like to save fuel for the training.


Special thanks to the airmen of the 154th Wing, 199th Fighter Squadron, 19th Fighter Squadron for their hospitality!

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