199th Fighter Squadron / Hawaii Air National Guard F-22 Raptors Joint Base Pearl Harbor – Hickham / Honolulu International Airport Honolulu, HI

On 24 May 1946, the 463rd Fighter Squadron was renamed the 199th Fighter Squadron, and allotted to the Hawaii Air National Guard. It was extended federal recognition on 4 November 1946 by the National Guard Bureau while at Bellows Field, Hawaii. On 28 October 1947, the unit moved to Hickham Air Force Base, which is now called Joint Base Pearl Harbor – Hickham.

Over the years, the unit has operated the following aircraft:

P-47N Thunderbolt, 1944–1945

F-47N Thunderbolt, 1947–1954

F-86E Sabre, 1954–1958

F-86L Sabre Interceptor, 1958–1961

F-102A Delta Dagger, 1960–1976

F-4C Phantom II, 1976–1987

F-15A/B Eagle, 1987–2009

F-15C Eagle, 1991–2010

F-22A Raptor, 2010 – present

The F-22s are part of a unique arrangement, where the USAF active-duty 19th Fighter Squadron also flies the same aircraft, with the Hawaii Air National Guard being the lead unit for flying and maintenance. In other active duty and reserve/guard arrangements, the active duty is the lead unit. The 199th FS is one of two Air National Guard units that fly the F-22 – the other is the Virginia ANG 149th FS based at Langley AFB.

Since its inception, the 199th FS has had the responsibility of defending the Hawaiian Islands.

On 14 December 2020 I took photos, outside airport grounds, of the 2 morning launches – the first with 10 aircraft and the second with 6 aircraft. I have included a sampling from that morning, as well as some static aircraft photos I took on 13 November 2019. The static aircraft are on the grounds of the base and are not accessible by the public.

Special thanks to Maak, Darcy and Chewy for their help and information!

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