Take Me Home Huey Project Heads for the East Coast

Huey 4 The Take Me Home Huey on its way to Virginia.

Report and Photography by Bob Shane

Take Me Home Huey is a non-profit project that was conceived and brought to realization by Dave Barron of Light House Legacy, Inc. and artist Steve Maloney. Known as ship 174, this former Army air ambulance Huey helicopter was shot down in 1969 while on a mission in Vietnam. Crew chief Gary Dubach and medic Stephen Schumacher died in the crash.

Huey 6

The UH-1 shell before the completion of its restoration.

Dave Barron acquired the scrapped airframe and decided to research the helicopter’s history. He was able to identify the crew and reunite their families. After Barron repaired the damaged skin and added a new coat of paint, he turned it over to Maloney who transformed the Huey into a work of art. Maloney was inspired by the 50th Anniversary Commemorating the Vietnam War.

Huey 5

The truck with its precious Huey cargo is weighed at the Loves truck stop in Phoenix.

During the beginning of 2016, the helicopter has been displayed at various events and museums in Arizona and California. In May, it was put on its special carrier and launched on a cross-country tour.

Huey 3

Symbols of Americana, such as a piece of apple pie, are incorporated into the helicopter art.

Its current mission is to honor Americans that served in Vietnam, celebrate the historic significance of the Huey helicopter, and raise awareness for veterans that suffer from Post Traumatic Stress.

Huey 2

The Take Me Home Huey loaded for the cross-country trip.

The first stop will be the National Museum of the Marine Corps in Triangle, Virginia where it can be viewed this Memorial Day. It will be on display from May 26 through June 2, 2016.

Huey 1B

A Freightliner truck of American Patriot Helicopters transports the Take Me Home Huey around the country. The owner of the truck, Karl Renz, is a Vietnam Veteran who specializes in the refurbishment of the UH-1 Huey Helicopter.

Further information on the project and further tour stops can be obtained from the website: www.takemehomehuey.org

Huey 7

Artist Steve Maloney on the set of the Take Me Home Huey documentary.

Huey 8

Dave Barron (right end) poses with the film crew working on the Take Me Home Huey documentary.

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