Cable Airshow 2014


Story and photos by Scott and Lisa over at

January in Southern California means airshow season has officially started with the annual Cable Airshow.  The 2014 Cable Air Show is celebrating its 39th year at the Cable Airport with its usual lineup of aerobatics, classic aircraft, cars and of course Warbirds from World War II.  This year’s positive message to the community was overshadowed by the FAA demanding money from the air show to operate a control tower for the two day event.  This function has been provided free in the past as part of its normal mandate to maintain safe airspace operation in the United States.  The Cable Airshow was hit with a last minute bill from the FAA of $15,000.00 in order to hold the event, which requires FAA controllers to run a temporary control tower, if an airshow has aerobatics during the event.

The $15,000.00 bill will be paid directly out of funds that would have gone to an aviation scholarship fund.  The event usually raises $30,000.00 to $40,000.00 for the fund but now, with the FAA charges, the fund will receive less this year.

Event organizers are looking into changing the event for next year so a control tower will not be needed.  This would likely remove aerobatics from the two day event.  “All options are being looked at” said Bob Cable, president of the airport.  “We will wait and see how EAA’s lawsuit against the FAA goes, then we will make a decision at that point” Bob Cable continued.

This year’s airshow had perfect weather with temperatures in the low 70s and no wind.  The event had its highest attendance in 9 years according to Mary Barnett who shared information with the 100 or so volunteers after the airshow’s conclusion Sunday afternoon.   Even with the $3.00 per person increase this year attendance was strong.

The crowd had much to see in the air with aerobatic performances by Frank Donnelly and Rob “The Tumbling Bear” Harrison of Claremont.  Both performers are based at Cable.  Also returning to this year’s event were pilots Sam Mason, John Collver and Clay Lacy.  The Just In Time skydivers were also back this year for the flag drop during the national anthem.  There was also a car show with at least 200 vehicles participating and 60 cars  in the noontime car parade.

Even with the surprise expense of an FAA control tower bill, the event raised a near record amount for its aviation scholarship fund.  The Cable Airshow was a good kickoff to a hopefully more normal air show season.

We at would like to thank the Cable Airport staff for their support and we look forward to next year’s event. 


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