California’s Hansen Dam Recreational Area: The 2021 American Heroes Air Show


November 13, 2021
Lake View Terrace, Ca
Hansen Dam

The American Heroes Air Show returned to the Hansen Dam Recreation Area on November 13th to close out the California Airshow Season for 2021. After a year break in 2020 due to the pandemic, an estimated 3,000 to 4,000 people attended the free show for 2021.


This airshow/display is an annual “Helicopters Only” show. American Heroes puts on several displays across the country featuring local agencies, including the Los Angeles area Hansen Dam Show. In addition to more than one dozen helicopters on display, there were over 40 Law Enforcement Recruiting Booths and displays. Exhibitors included helicopters and crew personnel from police, sheriff, fire, the DEA and United States military, including Search and Rescue Blackhawks. Agencies from as far as San Diego County participated, as well as local agency participants LASD Alta Dena and Santa Clarita Search and Rescue Teams. Helicopters began arriving at 7 am and continued for several hours, right up until the opening of the event at 9 am.


One of the latest and most popular multi-use aircraft on display was the Sikorsky Blackhawk. Used as an aerial firefighting machine, as well as a search and rescue helicopter, the Blackhawk was represented well at the show. Several agencies including the Los Angeles County Fire Department Air Operations Unit, Ventura County Fire/Sheriff Air Operations and Cal Fire displayed their latest water dropping fire attack/SAR helicopters.


The United States Army displayed a Medivac Blackhawk with one additional Blackhawk, and United States Navy displayed their popular orange and white China Lake VX-31 Search and Rescue Blackhawk. In addition to the Blackhawks, helicopter fans saw a variety of helicopters on display including the MD 500, Airbus 125, MD 520N, Augusta Westland 139, UH-1H and many more. One particularly rare aircraft on display was the Los Angeles Fire Department Historical Society’s restored Bell 47G helicopter, which has not been flown in more than four years. This was great piece of history for aviation enthusiasts to see up close in a near brand new state.


In addition to the ground displays, Los Angeles County Fire Air Operations performed a hoist display showing attendees what a rescue hoist involves. For a reasonable price, helicopter rides were also available in 2 different Robinson Helicopters which were busy all day. If you haven’t been to an American Heroes event, check their website for locations and event information.

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