Centennial of Naval Aviation – Aircraft Bureau Numbers

VX-31 Bloodhounds. Painted S-3 to represent an early tactical paint scheme on TBF Avengers circa the Battle of Midway June 1942

We did attend the Friday media day but left with hardly a photo. Most of my shots were from Saturday before the crowds were let in.

Below is a table of the planned heritage schemes.

Aircraft Type BuNo Assignment Scheme
EA-6B 160609 VAQ-129 USS Coral Sea Air group markings
E/A-18G 166899 VAQ-129 F-U Corsair of Air Group 85 “Sky Pirates”  aboard the USS Shangri-La (CV 34) circa 1944 (three tone blue/blue/white)
F/A-18A TBD VX-31 Heritage China Lake Test Scheme
F/A-18A+ 162866 VFA-204 Navy Reserve aircraft circa 1950
F/A-18C 163745 VFA-106 F6F-5 Bomber-Fighter Squadron Seventeen (VBF-17) on USS Hornet (CV-12) circa 1945
F/A-18C 163733 VFA-122 WWII three tone blue/blue/white
F/A-18C 164673 VFC-12 WWII Gloss Sea Blue
F/A-18E 165666 VFA-106 VA-106 squadron Skyhawk on USS Forrestal (CVA-59) circa 1967 Vietnam War
F/A-18F 165677 VFA-122 Current Navy Working Uniform scheme
P-3C 161591 PATWING 11 PBY-5a (44-P-5) “Strawberry 5”, VP-44 “Golden Pelican”, which located the Japanese Fleet prior to the Battle of Midway
P-3C 160770 PATWING 2 Seaplane Gray/White
P-3C 158206 PATWING 10 Black/White EP-3B RoCAF circa 1969 Vietnam
S-3B 160581 VX-30 Early WWII tactical paint scheme circa 1942 (Battle of Midway)
T-6A 165966 TW-6 Gloss Sea Blue
T-6B 166064 TW-5 1930 – 1950 Standard yellow primary trainer scheme
TC-12B 161197 TW-4 (VT-35) Early WWII tactical paint scheme circa 1942 (Battle of the Coral Sea)
T-34C 161841 TW-4 Ranger Air Group (CV 4) assigned aircraft circa 1938
T-34C 164169 TW-5 Standard paint scheme for Coast Guard aircraft circa 1936
T-34C 164172 TW-5 Standard paint scheme for Marine Corps aircraft circa 1938
T-39N 165523 TW-6 Enterprise Air Group (CV 6) assigned aircraft circa 1938
T-44A 160984 TW-4 Represents the NC-4, the first aircraft to fly across the Atlantic Ocean
T-45C 165598 TW-1 Enterprise Air Group (CV 6) assigned aircraft circa 1939
T-45C 163656 TW-2 Wasp Air Group (CV 7) assigned aircraft circa 1939
T-45C 167100 TW-2 Centennial Scheme
HH-60H 163787 HSC-84 Light Attack Helicopter Squadron 3 (HAL-3), Vietnam War
MH-60S 166323 HSC-3 Aircraft of Lt. (j.g). John Thornton (Navy Cross) HU-2 circa 1950
MH-60S 166294 HSC-2 Aircraft of Lt. (j.g). John Thornton (Navy Cross) HU-2 circa 1950
MH-60R 166524 HSM-41 Night Air Group 90 aboard the USS Enterprise (CV 6) circa 1944 (three tone blue/blue/white)
TH-57 162064 TW-5 White with earliest standard naval insignia (anchor 1914)
UH-1N 158270 HMLAT-303 Aircraft of Maj. Pless, USMC (Medal of Honor), VMO-6 “Tomcats” circa 1967 Vietnam War

If I have missed any and you know an aircraft and want to add it to the list..please email me at dave_budd@yahoo.com.

Dave Budd

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