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NASA operates three WB-57Fs, a highly modified Martin B-57 bomber. The WB-57 is optimized for high altitude work, sometimes filling in as a military information relay aircraft or drone, like it did during this 2012 Mission Employment Phase over the Nevada Test and Training Range. 

Here are fifteen photos of aircraft, aviators, or anything aviation oriented by Steve Lewis. Twice each month, one of our aviation photographers will present a self-chosen set of fifteen photos for your viewing pleasure. It might be from a favorite event or a special photographic composition or even just a colorful memory from our past. Each photo has the subject, location, and a few words about each particular image. Keep coming back to this digital aviation magazine for more photos and articles chronicling aviation past and present!


Nighttime launches are colorful events, and with a little bit of lighting in the right spot, this F-16D Fighting Falcon pops out of the darkness.


A USAF F-15E Strike Eagle loaded for bear, taxiing out to launch into the darkness during a nighttime exercise at Nellis AFB.


Ryan PT-22s lined up and getting ready to go during a 2016 Camarillo, California air show. Yes, those props are wooden… the PT-22 was a Primary Trainer during World War II.


LT. Joe “Jamboy” Kirksey smiles in his VFA-151 Vigilantes Super Hornet at Camarillo, California.


Reenactors jump out of a C-47 Dakota .


Sunny Camarillo, California’s airshows are a great place to catch vintage cars, and planes like this Commemorative Air Force F8F Bearcat.


UH-60L Blackhawk in the skies over Colorado mountains during the 2020 Mountain Medic exercise.


The ultra-rare flying Douglas SBD Dauntless, a World War II U.S. Navy dive bomber, looks quite colorful with its red dive brakes deployed on the ground at the 2015 LA County Air Show.


At the 2019 Wings Over Camarillo air show, timing was everything, as the pyro finale framed this P-38 Lightning perfectly.


Boeing B-52H, based at Barksdale AFB in Louisiana, roars off of a Nellis AFB runway during an exercise over the Nevada desert.


With Nellis Tower in the background, this USAF Pave Hawk dashes by during a Weapons School ME Phase exercise in 2012.


Nighttime launch for a Sikorsky Blackhawk during the 2020 Mountain Medic training exercise in Colorado.


Bell “Huey” water drop at the 2019 Wings Over Camarillo Air Show.


Parachutists at the 2015 LA County Air Show descending directly overhead!

Steve Lewis

Steve is a Southern California based photographer living in the Los Angeles area.

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