MV-22 Osprey Reaches Historical Milestone

MV-22 squadrons stand at parade rest awaiting ceremony to start.

On February 18, 2011, Marine Corps Air Station Miramar hosted a ceremony with all Osprey squadrons located at the base to mark a milestone in the history of the MV-22 – 100,000 hours of mishap free flight.

Decorated cakes for ceremony attendees.

The MV-22 Osprey is currently replacing the 50+ year old CH-46 Sea Knight (aka Frog). The Osprey is as revolutionary as the helicopter was in the 1940’s.  With its tilt rotor design it is able to fly like a fixed wing aircraft, yet land like a helicopter. The Osprey is currently coming into the USMC inventory at the rate of 1-2 airframes a month.

The ceremony was attended by VIPs, from Boeing, the MV-22 manufacturer, USMC commanders, including Major General Tom Conant 3rd Marine Air Wing Commanding General, and personnel from the Osprey squadrons based at Miramar.

Boeing executives speak to marine personnel who fly and maintain the MV-22.

3rd MAW Commanding General Major General Tom Conant speaks with the troops.

The ceremony was scheduled to conclude with a multi-ship MV-22 fly-over.  However, due to the heavy rain at the time of the ceremony, the fly-over was cancelled.

Phil and Major General Conant pose in front of a MV-22.

Phil Myers

Phil Myers, a military aviation photojournalist with a passion for telling stories and documenting the history of military aviation. In addition to his website publications, Phil’s articles and photographs have been published in several magazines. Phil resides in Southern California.

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