Tribute To Maj. Pete Knight / The X-15 Reaching Mach 6.72

The X-15 project, was one of the most amazing aerospace projects of all time! The technology of the 1960’s, helped to push a select number of pilots, “Astronauts”, to the edge of space! One of the pilots, was Maj. Pete Knight, who reached a maximum speed of Mach 6.72 ( 4,520 mph)…. a record that is still unbroken, today!

Here I go back to the Dr.Sky time capsule as I was fortunate to have been able to interview Maj. Knight, back in 2003, a year before he passed away.

Maj. Knight, was also one of the few selected to be a test pilot on the military style pre shuttle…the X-20 Dyna-Soar.

I was fortunate to have a rare interview with Maj. Knight in 2002, a few years before he passed away!

[audio: knight.mp3|titles=Dr Sky Interviews Peter Knight]



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