Photographic Highlights From NAS Oceana’s 2017 Air Show

Enhc F-18F VFA-106 247-9692

All Photography by Howard German

The weekend of September 16th and 17th, 2017  was surely a noisy one for the city of Virginia Beach, Virginia.  The annual air show at NAS Oceana roared through the skies, with a mix of old and new aircraft – most equipped with afterburners!  The well known event features Navy fighters, mainly Boeing Hornets and Super Hornets, as well as some Air Force equipment from nearby JB Langley-Eustis. 

So-called “CAG birds” have special color schemes and markings… and the Oceana ramp contained one from almost all home-based squadrons. 


The flying normally features a Fleet Flyby; this year’s tribute contained a quartet of Super Hornets, and later a pair of Aggressor F/-18 Hornets teamed up with a F-18G Growler too.  

Other aircraft, non-naval in nature, flew during the show too, including a DH Vampire and the Air Force Heritage Flight.

Don’t forget Saturday evening’s Beach Blast, where some performers entertain spectators at the Virginia Beach waterfront too!!

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