Rapid Pacific 2022 Stops at Hyakuri Air Base, Japan

Photos and story by Masaki Komatsu 

Masaki Komatsu caught part of the record-setting Rapid Pacific 2022 deployment of German Air Force fighters, tankers and transports as they left the Hyakuri Air Base in Japan, bound for Singapore. The entire group of aircraft included six Eurofighters, three A330 Multi-Role Tanker/Transports and four Airbus A-400Ms. The long-distance flight was the first time a deployment of German fighters traveled to the “Indo-Pacific” region. The first elements left Germany on August 15, 2022, and the German group planned on arriving back home by early October, 2022.

Exercise Pitch Black 2022 was the main reason for this deployment, partnering with Australian, other NATO, and multiple Asian-pacific air forces in a large-scale exercise. (For extended coverage of Pitch Black 2022, see our articles here over the next month). Additional smaller-scale exercises would follow in September; before their eventual return to Europe in early October.

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