Some Interesting Sights at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2023


wisk! flew their autonomous flying demonstrator at the air show – and it flew fully autonomously… more about this program here in the upcoming days…

Story and photos by Ken Kula

There are all sorts of stories to be seen and heard while at the EAA’s big show in Oshkosh… here are airframes and events that turned my head!

Vic Syracuse’s 300L Hummingbird.

Voltaero’s Cassio 330 demonstrator for hydrogen and electric power combined. Read more about this aircraft and programs in an upcoming article here soon…

The Wisconsin ANG is trading in their F-16 fighters for new F-35s.

wisk! showed off their 6th generation eVTOL air taxi mock-up.

Zall Jihlavan Airplanes S R O Skyleader 600.

The second Beech 220 Denali airframe, there was one prototype too.

This Cessna Skyhawk design has been around for a while, but a new interior has this aircraft registered “experimental” as new materials and designs are tested.

The GOGETAIR D O O: ONE aircraft.

This is the actual CubCrafters aircraft that Luke Czepiela landed on a 27-meter-wide helipad on top of the 56-story tall Burj Al Ararab hotel in Dubai mid-March 2023!

Hondajet Elite II.

Aviat has a second “mascot” face on their Husky aircraft… which one do you like?

JAARS switched from their familiar Helio Courier to this new (to them) Pilatus PC-6 for the opening parachute jump platform this year.

Jibaru J230-D Garmin equipped LSA

The Kodiak 100 has been around for a while, but this test airframe has a new 5-bladed prop installed.

Eric Lewis’s Ascender.

Newly restored Air Legends Foundation Lockheed VC-121A Constellation “Bataan”.

U.S. Army Special Operations MH-6M Little Bird”.

MiG-23UB landing at Oshkosh. Unfortunately, it crashed a few weeks later in Michigan, fortunately nobody was injured seriously in the air or on the ground.

Minnesota ANG F-16 in special anniversary colors. More photos of special color schemes will be featured in these pages soon…

Murphy SR3500 Moose.

New technology at the Seaplane Base this year.

The only flying Nicholas Beazley NB-8G in existence, others are in museums.

North American P-51C “Thunderbird” was Jimmy Stewart’s racing aircraft after World War II.

Southwest Airlines brought this “Destination 225” Boeing 737 MAX 8 to the show. It’s the theme for pilot recruitment and training. “225 degrees” is the heading in the southwesterly direction.

Dakota Territory Air Museum P-47D-23-RA Thunderbolt appeared after its recent restoration.

TECNAM’s Pmentor trainer debuted at Oshkosh this year. 

This 1967 Mooney M20F is known as the “Mooney Anomoly”, with many equiment upgrades and a radical paint scheme devised by a muralist and has 45 shades of paint, according to the owner. Read more about this aircraft in a future article here…

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