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AirShow London 2019 Dances Around Weather Issues Nicely

I had a few days of photography planned during 2019’s edition of Airshow London (Ontario). Having attended some eight shows over the past three decades, I knew that weather could “rain on my parade” during my quest for photographing...

Fathers Day Hike to Dreamland Resort

Yesterday I checked another item off my list of things I have been wanting to do. I hiked to the top of Tikaboo Peak and peered in on Groom Lake..better know as Area51. I had been planning this trip...

Dr.Sky Joins Media For Launch Of STS-135/ Shuttle Atlantis

Dr.Sky was given the high honor of being a part of the last space shuttle launch (STS-135), attending as part of the media. This was the first time that I have seen a live launch and memory of the event, will last a lifetime! I had arrived in Florida on July 7th, with poor weather prospects predicted for the Friday morning launch; (11:26AM EDT). Heavy rain was all around us for a good portion of Thursday, July 7th,

Reno 2010 – From a First Timers Perspective

Reno 2011 (September 14-18) is less than a year away and I am ready for my second Reno National Championship Air Race and Air Show experience!  Reno 2010 was my first time covering an air race.  My experiences at...

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