The origin of problems with the Boeing 737 MAX and a possible solution via return to fundamentals. :PRELUDE

Do you recognize this mid-1960s classic jet airliner shown below? My upcoming 3-part Finance presentation for LinkedIn explains why the problems of its latest variant began in the late 1990s, thereby leading to decline in stock price and reputation. Stay tuned!
Here is the layout for the upcoming series:
Part 1 explains the long-term stock price behavior as background.
Part 2 analyzes how the maker of this jet airliner veered off course and is losing altitude in financial and reputational terms.
Part 3 offers a case study on the strategy that made this company great for multiple generations of aircraft. Refocusing on those fundamentals may be a path to restoring its culture of aviation excellence.




(Rev Protodeacon) George A. Haloulakos
CFA Charterholder Finance Instructor / Owner – Spartan Research
4-Time Excellence in Journalism Award Winner (San Diego Press Club)
Author of CALL TO GLORY(ISBN 9780692475454)

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