U. S. Navy, Marines and Coast Guard Retired Helicopter Types Scrapbook


Navy HUK-1 or HH-43C Husky, the type was retired from naval service by the mid-1960s.

Kaman HOK and HUK helicopters like the one in this lead photo were all retired in the 1970s.

Photos by Del Laughery, Anne Taylor, Andrew Spry, Scott Zeno and Ken Kula

Here are many photos of U.S. Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard helicopter types that have been retired from service over the past half century, with captions containing the aircraft’s type. There might have been a few airframes still active in support roles after that year, but the type’s widespread retirement is noted here. The types may still be in service with other countries, but not with the user in these photos.


The Marine Corps used the H-34 during the early part of the Viet Nam War but were replaced by the UH-1 Huey quickly.


The Boeing Vertol CH-46 Sea Knight type was retired in 2015.


The Sikorsky SH-3 was retired in 2005.


The Navy and Marines’ CH-53A and -D versions were retired in 2012… but improved versions still fly today.


The Kaman SH-2 Sea Sprite was retired from U.S. Navy service in 2001


The last Sikorsky SH-60B was retired in 2015. The last HH-60H/SH-60F was retired in 2019


The Marines AH-1W type was succeeded by the current AH-1Z by 2020


The last U. S. Coast Guard HH-3F Pelican was retired in 1994. Here are a few more museum display helicopters in this gallery… hover over the thumbnail for an ID, or click for an enlargement!



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