Van Nuys Airport – Community Day


Saturday, August 31st, 2013 marked the eighty fifth anniversary of the Van Nuys Airport (VNY) as well as the grand opening of a $20.5 million project to improve Van Nuys Airport’s historic 8,000-foot main runway — One Six Right (16R) — to meet current FAA design standards. Many local San Fernando Valley residents gathered Saturday morning to take part in the Community Day that was scheduled which included free guided behind-the-scenes airfield bus tours, as well as vintage aircraft displays and refreshments.

Van Nuys Airport (VNY) not only ranks as one of the busiest general aviation airports in the world, but is a historic San Fernando Valley landmark that has record breaking history dating all the way back to the 1920’s. VNY was frequently used by the Hollywood film industry to film such movies as Casablanca, and Hell’s Angels. Present day movies such as Lethal Weapon, Pearl Harbor, and True Lies have also been filmed there as well.

VNY also served as a military base in the 1940’s to aid in the training of hundreds of P-38 Lightning pilots during World War II, and home to the Air National Guard in the 1950’s and 60’s.

Located in the heart of the San Fernando Valley, Van Nuys Airport continues to play a critical role in Southern California’s economy as well as provide general aviators a place to call home when they touch down on One Six Right.

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