Photorecon attends the 2023 Reno Races

Stevo and Joe

We did a slightly different mission this year at the last Reno Air Races. After attending the races since the early 2000’s Dave and Joe wanted to present our favorite teams with special take-home gifts and thank them for all the years supporting air racing and bringing the coolest aircraft to Reno for the nearly two week long event. We arrived early Wednesday morning before all the pits got busy and we went to find the past champion Stevo Hinton. Stevo is a true champion is all aspects. His flying skills are unmatched and his willingness to meet with us and others from the crowd is unbelievable. He always makes time for us!!!! Thanks Steve!!


Here is a sample of the other aircraft prints with their pilots/owners.

Vick Benzing

Warren Pietsch


John Bagley

yeah…even the A-10 Demo team got a print!!


A sample package was also given to the media group Argentum Partners and a big Thank-you to them for all they did this year…..Molly..your the best!!!

Dave Budd

Hi..I'm Dave. Webmaster here at Photorecon. The boss also laughs and says I'm the Chief Photographer. I live in Las Vegas and I cover most of the West Coast events with Joe. I do most of the upkeep of the site.

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