ASV Airshow of the Year Award” goes to the Breitling Huntington Beach Airshow


Our Partner site Airshowvid .com has awarded their 2016 “Airshow of the Year Award”, for  the most unique airshow in 2016. This honor goes to the Breitling Huntington Beach Airshow for unique location, a flawless inaugural event, awesome headline acts, great volunteer organization and community based event.  Congratulations to the team  at AirSupport LLC and the City of Huntington Beach for their vision and foresight to bring this one of a kind event to the Southern California Area.


For more on the 2016 event click here

Joe Kates

Joe Kates is the founder of Photorecon. Joe has been into aviation since he was a child and has a incredible amount of knowledge to do with planes or aviation in general. Today Joe is the owner and Managing Editor of Photorecon.

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