Spending my Birthday at TOPGUN

With the National Championship of Air Races being canceled in year 2019, we were more than excited to get back to Reno when the news that the 2021 races would go on….Joe and I have been going to the Reno Air Races for a long time. We have had many great times there and we have met some incredible people and made life-long friends.  My trip would be short this year ..but I was going just to see friends who I consider family now!! I have a new job this year and I have not saved up any vacation time. I was able to swing a few extra days off seeing I had a birthday the same week as the races. I always tell people I know back in Las Vegas that I spend my birthday in Reno as ALL my friends come out to party. They bring their planes and the whole town has a ten day long celebration. Of course it is not for my birthday but I let them wonder about that in amazement..

Along the same time Carrier Air Wing 9 was at Fallon doing their work up before heading out to the USS Abe Lincoln. Steve Lewis was checking his dates and he was in contact with the PAO at NAS Fallon Mr. Zip Upham. He called me to get my info so we could get vetted. Little did I know we would be going to the photocall the same day as my birthday!!

I can not think of a better way to celebrate it. We did attend the NCAR at Stead the follwing day and man I had a story to tell those folks…as well as a few cel phone images and videos.

Shout out to Zip and the Steve …you guys ROCK!!!


Dave Budd

Hi..I'm Dave. Webmaster here at Photorecon. The boss also laughs and says I'm the Chief Photographer. I live in Las Vegas and I cover most of the West Coast events with Joe. I do most of the upkeep of the site.

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