A tribute to Bob Odegaard

Robert Odegaard was born and raised in Kindred, North Dakota. Bob’s love for aviation started as a child on the family farm where he would watch DC-3s fly overhead. Bob founded and operated Odegaard Aviation, a fixed-base operation and aerial spray firm. He was airport manager for the Kindred airport and was instrumental in building the airpark next to the airport. He developed the air foil spray boom, later called the Superboom, which continues to be marketed internationally.

Bob also built the first taxi-thru indoor aerial spraying loading facility. In 1989, Bob, a certified A&P mechanic, started rebuilding his first P51 Mustang, Dazzling Donna. That was the beginning of the Mustang wing business, Odegaard Wings, Inc., which has operated ever since. Bob is the rebuilder and former owner of the Super Corsair, Race 57, a historic aircraft that brought worldwide attention to North Dakota because of its uniqueness and rarity.

Bob has raced at the Reno Air Races, has performed at many air shows, is featured in many aviation magazines and books, and was part of the crew for the movie Thunder over Reno. Perhaps his dedication to the future of aviation is best illustrated by Duggy, a DC-3 painted bright yellow with a smiling face. Duggy excites young people at air shows around the country.

Bob was active in the formation of the Fargo Air Museum and continues as a board member. He also served as a member of the Board of Directors for the North Dakota Aviation Association. An active member of the Kindred community, he helped raise funds to build St. Maurice’s Catholic Church and served on the church council. He supports Kindred High School athletics as a Booster Club member.

He was a Kindred volunteer fireman, has hosted many volunteer community pancake breakfasts in his hangar, and is a current member of the local American Legion. Bob has received numerous awards, including the Henderson Air Racing History Award; the Aviation Mechanic Safety Award; the 1999 Aviation Heritage Trophy; and the 1999 People’s Choice National Aviation Heritage Invitation.

His enthusiasm for flight and for repairing and rebuilding aircraft has, for decades, inspired those who have met him or marveled at his creations.


More to follow (Story of Bob and Race 74 at Oshkosh 2012)


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