“Destination: Oshkosh, 2017”


What’s a girl to do? It’s another grey day in Indiana. The sun is not even trying to peek though and I want to go flying! I’m grounded. And I don’t have a pilot’s license or a pilot (for that matter.) I look at the calendar and see that we are just under 30 days until EAA AirVenture!!! It’s that time again. Time to see friends I only get to see once a year. Some come to Oshkosh for the 10,000+ airplanes. I go to Oshkosh for the 500,000+ people and to see my friends from Georgia, South Carolina, Texas, Florida, West Virginia, even Canada and New Zealand. I can’t wait to see their smiling faces and hear about their journey to OSH17.

In just under thirty days, my boys and I will awake to the sounds of Team Aeroshell or the GEICO SkyTypers. No alarm is ever needed. I’ll lay in my tent an extra few minutes so I can just listen to the sounds of Oshkosh. People are already out taking photos at sunrise. For those who know me, I prefer a good sunset. This year, I’ll chase the sun at Warbird Alley. I’m sure I won’t be the only one. Many photographers will be there… all of us trying to get that perfect shot. I’ll make my way to the Seaplane Base… one of my favorite places on the grounds. It’s such a relaxing place to visit and I hope to do so for at least half a day. You can take a pontoon boat ride around the bay to see the various seaplanes. It’s nice to combine airplanes with the water… it makes for some gorgeous photos!!!


I can’t tell you what Oshkosh mean to me personally, but I can tell you that it’s special. I’ve met some of the most awesome people that I get to call my friends. I get to write about my adventures for Photorecon, and I get to take photos of whatever my little heart desires. I get to wander, and talk to various people and performers. I get to learn what Oshkosh is all about. It’s different for everyone, but all and all I guarantee you will hear that it’s “all about the people.” Everyone is there for the same reason: aviation. So whether you are there to catch a forum or run the Runway 5K, watch the night air shows… do it! Don’t miss a thing! Oshkosh is a weeklong adventure. Do as much as you can. See as much as you can. Walk the grounds at sunrise and watch the sunset over the vintage airplanes. Whatever it is you came there for, don’t miss a single minute! I, myself, will be wandering the grounds with my camera… where is it I will find you?



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