Book Review: Detail & Scale P-47 Thunderbolt



Reviewed by Don Linn

Title and ISBN: Detail & Scale P-47 Thunderbolt
By Bert Kinzey, art by Rock Roszak
Detail & Scale Aviation Publication
ISBN: 979-8-8587405-8-2
Contents and Media: Available in print format, or digital format from iBook and Kindle
Price: Print edition $21.99. Kindle and Apple ePub digital editions $12.99
Review Type: First Read
Advantages: Historically significant, well researched, written and detailed; high quality photography, profile artwork; included modeling section
Conclusion: Recommended for its style, historical reference, high quality photography; detail and color profile drawings; excellent kit reviews.
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The P-47 Thunderbolt is one of the many iconic fighters developed during World War 2, and the favorite of many model builders with interest in that turbulent time in history. The Thunderbolt, or “Jug” as it is commonly known, successfully fulfilled the high altitude fighter-bomber role and excelled in ground attack and strafing, and was in every sense a rugged and reliable aircraft deserving of a noteworthy place in aviation history. But the P-47 was not limited to World War 2, when after the war Thunderbolts found service in the Air National Guard, especially the last example in the P-47N, and with many foreign air forces, particularly Central and South American air forces. The Thunderbolt was so successful more than 15,000 airframes were produced by the end of WW II. The Jug was produced in many different variants, but the record number produced was the P-47D with 12,558 airframes, according Wikipedia.


All of this lends the P-47 to many interesting color schemes for the model builder. I can only speculate how many of you have at least one P-47 kit in your collection waiting for the inspiration to strike so you can start building your favorite P-47 variant in one of its many colorful schemes. And there are kits available in all scales from the diminutive 1/144 kit from Academy/Minicraft to the big 1/24th scale P-47D from Kinetic to choose from. The new Detail & Scale P-47 Thunderbolt book by Bert Kinzey, with art by Rock Roszak, I think will help spark that inspiration to build a model of this classic World War 2 fighter-bomber.

The new P-47 book from Detail & Scale begins with a beautiful artwork cover by the late aviation artist Jerry Crandall who depicts P-47D “Hairless Joe”, as flown by Colonel David Shilling, commander of the famed 56th Fighter Group, on a December 1944 mission over Bonn, Germany. This is actually the second time Detail & Scale published a P-47 book; the first was twenty-five years ago in 1998. This second book is an expanded edition providing new information and exciting new eye catching color photography.


Beyond the cover, the book follows the established format of the Detail & Scale series of books with an Introduction followed by the Thunderbolt’s history and a review of each of the principle P-47 variants beginning with the Seversky P-35 and includes the Republic prototype XP-47 through all the wartime variants and includes the experimental XP-72 powered by a supercharged Pratt & Whitney R-4360-13 Wasp Major radial engine.


The last variant covered is the P-47N. Each variant discussed is illustrated by a generous selection of color and black and white photography, most of the color being new to me. The book has really excellent rare wartime color photography combined with color profile art by Rock Roszak. In all there are more than 260 photographs with 190 of that number in color illustrating this excellent book.


After covering the development and history of the Thunderbolt, the book then covers the P-47’s details in high quality color photography beginning with the cockpit. The modeler will be pleased as the book continues with what seems to be every possible aspect of the Thunderbolt’s fuselage and landing gear providing color photography for an accurate paint reference to build an authentic Thunderbolt model. I think you will find this Detail & Scale book is an all-in-one reference to all things P-47.


Lastly is the Modeler’s Section with kit reviews of the currently available Thunderbolt models each illustrated with color images of the built-up kit. The last review is of the large Kinetic 1/24th scale P-47D Thunderbolt that includes color images of the built-up and detailed models by Andy “Frilldo” Frill with his beautiful model of P-47D “Phyl Darlin” and the impressive P-47D Razorback “ Miss Mutt, Pride of Lodi Ohio” from Tim Holland.


In closing I think those of you who have a P-47 kit, in any scale, in your collection will find the inspiration to open that kit and start building. Or, it may be an opportunity to visit your local hobby shop to buy yourself an early Christmas present.








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