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When one thinks of the great aviation photographers of our generation, names like Bowen, Carlson, Dibbs and Hildebrandt come to mind. For years photographers of this caliber have brought the world some of the most riveting aviation photos to ever grace the pages of books and magazines. Once again world-class aviation author and photographer Erik Hildebrandt,the author of 7 wonderful Coffee table books and numerous published works, has struck gold again. Naval aviation gold that is, with his latest book Fly Navy honoring the Centennial of Naval Aviation.  For the past two years, Erik traveled the world documenting every aspect of modern naval aviation. He has flown with deployed forces over war torn-torn Afghanistan, to the peaceful skies above the picturesque Hawaiian Islands, with the Blue Angels.  Fly Navy is an insider’s view of flight operations captured through stunning photographs and compelling narrative.  In Erik’s own words “My Goal with this book was to capture both the art of machines in their environment and the passion of the air crews and maintainers. It is a visual anthology of contemporary naval aviation at its century mark, with respectful glances at the past and glimmers, too, of the future.”

“Fly Navy is a perfect for civilians who are looking to catch a glimpse into military flight operations, as well as the families and friends of serviceman and women interested in what  their family members do on deployment. I also hope it will be enjoyed by the proud aircrews, past and present, which have lived this life and treasured the memories of their service.”

To make all this possible Erik had to meet the same qualifications and currency training that all pilots and aircrew must have before they can fly. Erik must renew his water survival and egress training every four years, along with maintaining his flight medical currency yearly.  All this effort has paid off with an awesome book, one that should be part of every aviation enthusiast collection.  The book in standard hard cover retails for 65.00, it is available  in a limited edition leather-bound version signed by the author for 150.00. It is my understanding that shipping is free when ordered from Erik’s web site.  Erik is also a pilot and owns an O-2 Skymaster, he is known to fly his skymaster to air shows promoting his book and to meet the public. Please stop by and say hi to this aviation photography legend, you will be glad you did.  For readers who have an IPAD Erik has an app Called Blue Angels ,it is a preview of the Blue angels chapter from the book and features some great video footage of Erik performing his craft. Please visit the Apple Itunes app store and search Blue Angels or Eric Hildebrant.





Video: 100 Years of Naval Aviation — Erik Hildebrandt’s ‘Fly Navy’

By Paul Bertorelli, Editorial Director


Used with permission of Paul bertorelli @AV Web thanks


One from the Archives


Super Rare Airborne Footage of E-6B Mercury


Anti-G Straining Maneuver


Chasing the Blue Rhino in HD


Flying with the Blues


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