Fokker Jet Airliners


Fokker was a Dutch aircraft manufacturer which operated in various forms from 1912 through 1996. Anthony Fokker’s company began its life in Germany before World War I, and ended up in The Netherlands, headquartered in Amsterdam before closing in bankruptcy.


Fokker built a series of jet airliners, with their FK-28 Fellowship twinjet being built from 1967 through 1987. The short to medium ranged airliner seated from 65 to 85 passengers, and was built in four major variants, the -1000 and -3000 short fuselage versions and the -2000 and -4000 series versions with a longer fuselage. A pair of -6000 series jets with lengthened fuselages were also produced. The FK-28 series utilized a tail-mounted clamshell-style air brake, assisting with steep approaches and short field landings.

Some Fokker 28s:


In 1986, an advanced, longer jetliner, the 109-seat Fokker 100 first flew, and in 1993 a shorter version of this advanced version first took to the air, known as the Fokker 70. The Fokker 70 could seat 80 passengers. Both the Fokker 100 and Fokker 70 retained the clamshell-style speed brakes, and an advanced glass cockpit when compared to the earlier FK-28s.

Some Fokker 70s:

Some Fokker 100s:

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