Nevada Aerospace Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony


Connie, Frank, Joe, Shirley, Roger, Dave, Linda.

A successful evening of old friends, new friends, honoring aviation pioneers at the Nevada Aerospace Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony: Hugh ‘Slip’ Slater of the 1129th Special Activities Squadron at Area 51; Lou Schalk, Lockheed Test Pilot. First to fly the A-12… still the fastest air breathing aircraft built; Richard Bissell, CIA, initiated operations at Area 51; Roadrunners Internationale: specialized group comprised of those who worked in secret at Area 51. Stay tuned for more photographs and details !

This was the last gathering of members of the 1129th Special Activities Squadron Roadrunners to ever take place. The Roadrunners were inducted into the NVAHOF in a special ceremony on Oct 10th 2017. The last remaining members traveled to Las Vegas and had dinner and festivities at Ricardo’s Restaurant near the Gold Coast Casino.


TD Barnes and the family of Hugh “Slip” Slater accepting plaque.

The NVAHOF is a non-profit Nevada Corporation whose purpose is to educate the public regarding the history of Aviation in Nevada and the contribution of those Nevada citizens that had a major impact on Nevada and worldwide aviation. Some of the more famous of these citizens participated in early airmail flights, the first around the world flight, World War II classified programs, hypersonic X-15 pilots who earned their astronaut wings as they flew over central Nevada, the XB-70, A-12, and the YF-12 Mach 3+ programs, the many protypes that flew missions or flight tests in Nevada. In addition, personnel that contributed to the MERVA, Rover, and other nuclear projects associated with aerospace in the state of Nevada and those who served their country with honor while flying combat tours in the many wars of the United States from World War I to the present will be included.

Future enshrinement’s will be hosted by the Nevada Aerospace Hall Of fame. Dates to be announced.

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