Photorecon Meets Bill Muszala – ATW Aviation

“Marana 2010” was the theme for bringing The Collings Foundation’s Classic Warbirds to Marana Airport on April 24th and 25th. Not only did they open the aircraft for public viewing but they also took care of the volunteers and all people associated with the fly in!! Little kids all the way up to Grand Parents got to reconnect with the Vintage aircraft. Rides were available in either the B-17, B-24 or the P-51 Dual Control Mustang!! After Saturdays event came to a close they invited Joe and I  across the field to Bill Muszala’s Hangar for the  Big BBQ Night!! There must have been 75 people enjoying the Hamburgers and Hot Dogs. We were more interested in some of the restorations going on at his ATW Aircraft Maintenance and Restoration business. Bob DeFord of Prescott, AZ brought his replica of the Supermarine MK IX Spitfire, (N1940K) and performed some high speed flybys along side Bill  Lewallen in his Yak 11 Maniyak  Reno Racer (N18AW). Needless to say…we were asked not to publish most of the aircraft that they let us photograph!! Thanks Bill for your hospitality. We will return very soon!! See more on our Warbird  site

Dave Budd

Hi..I'm Dave. Webmaster here at Photorecon. The boss also laughs and says I'm the Chief Photographer. I live in Las Vegas and I cover most of the West Coast events with Joe. I do most of the upkeep of the site.

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