The 2018 Edition of the “Greatest Show on Turf” Rapidly Approaches…


Please note: The aircraft in these photos have appeared at past shows and are not all confirmed in the 2018 show.  

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The 2018 National Warplane Museum Airshow, better known as “The Greatest Show on Turf” will once again take to the skies in western New York State on July 13-15, 2018 in the town of Geneseo. The spectacle of warbirds operating from a grass runway draws many spectators year after year, although the variety of aircraft attracts many followers too. Being close to the action is a third reason why thousands attend, and don’t forget the National Warplane Museum too!

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In this group of photos taken during successive years during the early 1990s, you can see the stage… usually a field of tall corn, set as a great photographic backdrop, as well as a hiding place for the occasional pyrotechnics accompaniment. The show presented many Canadian-based and -operated warbirds as well as local and distant U.S.- based aircraft. Warbird jets operated from nearby Rochester NY, although a few, such as Dan McCue’s L-39 Albatross operated right off of the turf runway. Nor were warbirds the only attraction, active military helicopters and fixed wing aircraft either flew in or staged elsewhere for fly-bys. Please note that these photos are of past participants, the current show for 2018 has a different lineup, with some of the aircraft in attendance noted below…


Now less than two months away, you can expect us here at, and to present full coverage of the 2018 extravaganza.

Here is the contents of a May 10, 2018, press release about the show:

“The National Warplane Museum is pleased to announce the kickoff of their 38th annual airshow, The Greatest Show on Turf ! Advance ticket sales begin today at all Wegmans “That’s the Ticket” locations throughout Western and Central New York. Tickets purchased in advance for the July 14th and 15th Airshow are $20.00 per person. Kids under 13 are always admitted free with an adult.
This year’s airshow theme will be “Wings of Western New York,” featuring the accomplishments of the many who have contributed to the aviation industry such as Glenn Curtiss and Calspan. The National Warplane Museum has been expanding its educational programs, interacting more with youth groups and working with school programs to emphasize not only the history behind these amazing aircraft and companies, but also to encourage visitors to reach further in their education and career goals to lean more towards aviation.

“Our special focus this year is another way we can encourage young men and women to explore career opportunities within the aviation field, whether it be commercial, civilian or a military affiliation.”
Austin Wadsworth, President of National Warplane Museum

Our exciting aircraft lineup this year offers an exciting variety of World War II era bombers, trainers, fighters and troop carriers including:
P-63 King Cobra Built by Bell Aircraft Corp in Buffalo, NY (first time in Geneseo)
C-46 Commando Built by Curtiss Aircraft in Buffalo, NY
P-40 Kittyhawk Also built by Curtiss Aircraft in Buffalo, NY
P-51 Mustangs
2-C-47s including the Museum’s very own D-Day Veteran, Whiskey 7
Over 75 aircraft have been invited to attend !
Performances are scheduled on Saturday July 14 and Sunday July 15, from 10:00 am to 3:00pm. Gates open at 7:00am.
Don’t miss the Greatest Show on Turf ! “

Here’s the link to their web site, they also have a social media presence, such as on Facebook

So, enjoy these past warbird and active military aircraft participants, and if you haven’t yet, start planning a trip to this year’s show.

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