Photorecon goes to TOP GUN 2011

Members of Photorecon who were in Northern Nevada to attend the 2011 Reno Air Races took a day off and went to NAS Fallon on Monday, Sept 12th for a planned Photo call. In attendance were Phil Myers, Mark Hrutkay, Tood Allen and Dave Budd. I can’t think of a better way to spend the weekend of the September 11th anniversary then to spend it with our U.S. Military and see our proud boys training at what they do best!! And you can’t argue ..any day spent along side a runway with the smells of burning rubber and Jet fuel is enough to get any American boy’s blood pumping!!

Naval Strike and Air Warfare Center (NSAWC) has been based at NAS Fallon since 1984. NSAWC is the primary authority on training and tactics development. NSAWC provides training, assessment, aviation requirements recommendations, research and development priorities for integrated strike warfare, maritime and overland air superiority, strike fighter employment, airborne battle management.

NSAWC consolidated three commands into a single command structure under a flag officer on 11 July 1996 to enhance aviation training effectiveness. The Naval Strike Warfare Center (STRIKE “U”) based at NAS Fallon since 1984, was joined with the Navy Fighter Weapons School (TOPGUN) and the Carrier Airborne Early Warning Weapons School (TOPDOME) which both moved from NAS Miramar as a result of a Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) decision in 1993. The Seahawk Weapon School was added in 1998 to provide tactical training for navy helicopters.

The Naval Strike and Air Warfare Center at NAS Fallon is the Navy center of excellence for Naval strike and air warfare and is commanded by an Admiral. TOPGUN is a department (N7) under NSAWC as are several other formerly independent weapons schools for AEW (TOP DOME), JTAC (run by SEALs), “Strike U” (N5), Airborne Electronic Attack and Maritime Weapons Schools. Additional schools are resident at the Master Jet bases and designated as Type Wing Weapons Schools such as the Strike Fighter Weapons Schools at NAS Lemoore and NAS Oceana. Instructors and curriculum at these schools support the locally based squadrons and conduct unit level training. NSAWC conducts training for both individuals in the case of TOPGUN and provides Air Wing level training. As a designated center of excellence, NSAWC provides standardization for the entire Weapon School community sets standards/criteria for individual qualification.

We’d like to throw out a BIG Thank You to Zip Upham, the Public Affairs Officer at NAS Fallon and all those people who support him in his cause!! We understand that this was the first Photo Call in a couple of years and we hope we lived up to the expectations of the Navy and that they’ll allow us back in the near future!!


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