It’s All About Timing

Its all about timing_IMG_4983

We all know about it, waiting for the best Sun angle, waiting for the Pushback to disconnect, Wing Walkers out of the shot, and click. That is how my journey begins with Photorecon.Net. It was a dull grey overcast late Summer afternoon at KDTW, I had just checked into my hotel conveniently located Runway’s 22L and 22R and waited. The winds were favoring 4R and 4L departures at the time. I was setup, scanner set to the correct Tower Frequency, FlightRadar 24 filtered for KDTW, camera set that is where timing comes in.  Then a perfect shot of N865F Former National Airlines DC8-63AF C/N 46088 Originally delivered to Overseas National Airlines on 5-29-69 now preserved at KYIP.

I watched, waited and listened, finally one I have been waiting for calls for taxi, a Delta  747-451 N671US begins it’s taxi to Runway 4R. I head down to the end of the 7th floor hallway that overlooks the North side of the field and the runways a perfect spot to shoot this heavy departure. That’s when Mark and his wife stopped down to chat, about what you might ask? Why Aviation and airplanes of course! We watched  and photographed the Delta 747 rotate and depart into the grey overcast as we swapped stories of aviation past, present and future.

Its all about timing_IMG_1135

N671US Delta 747-451 C/N 26477 delivered on 3-29-99 departs KDTW

It was then the “prize” of the day pushed off its gate and began it’s taxi to 4R. D-AIGV Lufthansa A340-313 wearing the Star Alliance color scheme. Mark and I merrily continued our conversations about what else? Aviation and Airplanes! It was then the offer came to submit an article or two for the website. I mentioned several times that I am not much of a writer, but after watching Lufthansa depart I agreed to give it a shot. Fast forward now to today, sitting at my hometown airport KMKE spotting and shooting arrivals on Runway 19R.

Its all about timing_IMG_1201

D-AIGV Lufthansa Star Alliance colors A340-313X C/N 325 delivered on 2-25-2000 departs KDTW

The weather is about the same as it was that day at KDTW, Grey, dull, and overcast. I have the wonderful site of a pair of Freight Runners/ Air Charter Express E-120 Brasilia’s parked directly in front of me. The “prize” for today is WN5269 from KSFO, Southwest 737-7H4 N714CB, painted in the Southwest Airlines Retro colors eta in 25 minutes all is set or so I thought. “Clean 91” Heavy calls in on final to 19R, a WI ANG, 128th ARW KC-135R returning for a Coronet mission is next to land. As she is touching down the call from Ground Control to a pushed back Southwest 737 is that they have switched to Runway 7R. Pack the gear up and head to the 6th floor of the Parking Garage that overlooks Runway 7/25 and offers a great vantage point for photography.

Its all about timing_IMG_0677

59-1516 128TH ARW Wisconsin Air National Guard KC-135R C/N 18004 delivered on 10/28/60 lands at KMKE


Its all about timing_IMG_0730

N714CB Southwest Airlines Retro Colors 737-7H4 C/N 27848 delivered on 6-19-98 taxi’s at KMKE.

I make it in  plenty of time to the top of the Parking Garage and have some time to ponder the different airways I could take this “Inaugural” article. Should I write about my Hometown Airport? One of our Hometown Airlines? My favorite airline? My favorite airplane?  In the meantime I do shoot the very nice looking Southwest 737-7H4 in Retro colors. I decided I should take this Inaugural Flight down the runway to include some of the photo’s from my trip to KDTW and KYIP for Thunder Over Michigan. I was rewarded with several aircraft in special color schemes at every airport I traveled through.

Its all about timing_IMG_1882

N229SW Berry Aviation EMB-120ER C/N 305 delivered on 11-20-1995 taxi’s at KYIP.


Its all about timing_IMG_5000

N915CK Kalitta DC9-15F C/N 47086 delivered on 12-16-67 taxi’s at KYIP.


Its all about timing_IMG_5064

N744P American Airlines in Piedmont Colors A319-112 C/N 1287 delivered on 8-3-2000 lands at KDTW.


Its all about timing_IMG_9267

N3755D Delta Airlines in Sky Team colors 737-832 C/N 29627 delivered on 8-15-2001 lands at KDTW.


Its all about timing_IMG_9990

XA-VLE Volaris A320-233 C/N 6288 delivered on 10-4-14 taxi’s at KORD.


Its all about timing_IMG_9994

OE-LPE Austrian Airlines 777-2Q8 C/N 27607 delivered on 6-17-98 taxi’s at KORD.


Its all about timing_IMG_0004

N75432 United Airlines in Eco-Skies Colors 737-924ER delivered on 2-24-2009 taxi’s at KORD.


Its all about timing_IMG_0073

N229FR Frontier A320-214 C/N 5581 delivered on 4-18-13 in new colors taxi’s at KORD.

I have been photographing aircraft since 1984, and never pass on any aircraft that could possibly pass through the View Finder of my Camera. I do focus primarily on Commercial Aircraft with an emphasis on what I call the “true” Regional Aircraft that being Shorts, Dash’s, Beech’s and Metro’s not the CRJ and ERJ Regional Jets of today. I also focus my attention on the “Classics” 727’s, DC8’s and DC9’s but more to come in later articles. Well Ladies and Gentlemen we have begun final descent, please ensure all tray tables and seats are in the upright and locked positions we will be on the ground shortly. With that this concludes my first story on Commercial Aviation, I hope you have enjoyed. I look forward to digging deeper into the World of Commercial Aviation with our next flight, until then Blue Skies to all!

You can contact the author Scott Jankowski at BAX727@HotMail.Com

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